Given the time and money it takes to produce a great business website, you probably want to see it grow up to be strong and healthy… or at least a very profitable part of your company. With that goal in mind, we urge you not to kick it out the front door at the first chance you get, but to let it live at home and lead a sheltered life.

What do we mean by that? A lot of business owners and executives treat web hosting as a complete afterthought. Once a business website has been designed, coded, and tested, it’s ready for launch and they assume it doesn’t matter where it’s hosted, so long as it’s available for customers to find on the Internet.

Unfortunately, that notion is incorrect and even a little bit short-sighted. While you can save a few dollars here and there by going with cheap web hosting, you’re much better off having your design team post the site. Here are three of the biggest reasons why:

1. Where you host your business website matters a lot. When you have your site hosted correctly, it’s online 99.9% of the time (or more), it loads quickly, and the underlying software is updated frequently. Even search engines like Google prefer more reliable hosters, meaning your site could even be more visible to potential customers.

2. You want your web designer to have quick access to your site when needed. Eventually, you will need to make changes or updates to your business website. If your site is hosted with a third-party, it could be difficult for your web design team to access it when they need to. Plus, some hosting packages have complex file management systems, meaning that even simple changes could take a lot of extra time.

3. Web hosting also affects storage and security. In a perfect world, things like website security and data backup wouldn’t be big concerns. Unfortunately, it’s imperative that your site be monitored on a regular basis, and that it can be restored quickly in the event of an attack or outage. With the right web hosting package in place, that won’t be an issue.

In short, keeping your business website “close to home” makes it more reliable and easier to update, while decreasing the odds that you’ll lose access to it unexpectedly at the same time.

Why go with bargain hosting, which only saves you a few dollars a month, when you could make the smart choice for your business? Talk to the Webjed team about hosting for your site today.