More and more, responsive web designs aren’t just becoming popular, but the standard in our industry. To put things another way, there is probably no good reason you should launch a new business website that isn’t responsive.

In case you don’t watch web design trends very closely, and aren’t aware of the term or the idea behind the term, a responsive website is one that changes its appearance based on different screen sizes. So, while laptop or desktop computer users get a “big” version of the website, tablet users get a different look, and smartphone visitors get the same pieces of content in a streamlined way. It’s a kind of built-in versatility that older websites don’t have.

Not only is responsive technology very cool, it’s also necessary if you’re going to get the maximum possible value from your website. Here are a few of the reasons why…

Responsive Websites Let You Cast a Wider Net

In 2016, more than half of all web traffic originates from tablets and smartphones. That means most of your customers are probably using mobile devices on a regular basis, and want you to have a website that plays nicely with them. What’s more, Google will actually punish you by placing you lower in the search results if your web presence isn’t mobile-friendly. If you want to reach as many buyers as possible – which should be the point of having a website in the first place – it needs to be responsive.

Responsive Designs Are More Cost-Effective Than Mobile Only Sites or Apps

To be fair, you can build a mobile-friendly website without responsive technology. But, the other two options, a dedicated mobile site or app specifically for a certain device or platform, are both inefficient options for the majority of small and medium-sized businesses. Why build and maintain multiple websites when you could spend less, or use your budget on one website that works for all customers? And why worry about testing apps when you just need a mobile-friendly web presence? No matter how you look at it, responsive web designs are the more cost-effective choice.

A Responsive Website is Future-Proofed

One thing we can say for certain about mobile web technology is that it’s likely to keep changing and evolving. As new mobile software platforms are released, and new devices come to market with different screen sizes, older websites will get more and more out of date, while dedicated mobile websites and apps will have to be updated. Responsive web designs, on the other hand, shouldn’t need any adjustment at all to keep working the way they are supposed to. If you hate the idea of having to change your website again and again, opting for responsive designs probably your smartest move.

Business websites aren’t all about designs and creative concepts – they are business tools that have to generate money for the companies that invest in them. To get the most out of yours, make sure your next web presence is responsive for mobile compatibility and the highest possible ROI.

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